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Cherry orchard. A performance under a tree
Cherry orchard. A performance under a tree
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How do you imagine the perfect performance? How was the trip? As an experience, as a meditation? How to get into the informal experience of presence, where the experience of the process of life is concentrated, reassembled, and condensed? Is the process of change felt in the here and now? As a process of empathy or as a process of participation? Or is it all at once?

We have come up with a performance and we want to be in it with you. A performance that contains the beauty, horror, fragility and irony of reality, from which it flows and to which it returns.

Here is the little that we are ready to reveal here through the text. You will come to the cherry orchard, where each viewer will have his tree. You will put on headphones, the performance will begin, and throughout its entire length you will lie under a tree, dance, empathize, constantly change your attitude to what is happening, meditate, ponder, argue, identify yourself, give names to what is happening, to yourself, to the tree, to the surrounding reality and give up all these names as unnecessary. And then we will unite and try to talk about what happened, and this will also happen in a very special place.

Talking about what a work of art is, how and what it is better to prepare for, always leads us to the composer John Cage's answer: "when contacting a work of art, it is best and most useful to be attentive and empty."

Language of the performance: Russian

To watch the performance, you will need headphones and a charged phone with Internet access.
temporary association “xronotope”

temporary association “xronotope”


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