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Terms and privacy policy
General provisions
  1. The content (information, messages, images, video and audio records) of the website www.wylling.com (hereinafter referred to as the "Website") is provided by "Wylling" CJSC (hereinafter referred to as the "Company").

  2. By visiting our Website the User of the Site (hereinafter also the User) understands and agrees to accept and follow the terms, the manner and the content of the Website.

  3. The copyright to the content of the Website belongs to the Company and/or its affiliated entities/organizations.

  4. The Company (or its authorized person) reserves the right to determine the rules of making use of the Website and to require users of the Website to follow them.

  5. Materials posted on the Website or provided through the Website are for personal use and cannot be used for commercial purposes or be distributed on a commercial basis.

  6. In the case of partial or complete citation of materials from www.wylling.com, the link to www.wylling.com is mandatory.

  7. Unauthorized use of the Website content may be the violation of copyright or other intellectual property rights.

  8. The acquirement of some materials on the Website is paid for, which is implemented in AMD. The purchase of some materials from the Website are implemented online and in a non-cash way.While shopping, a terminal will appear on the Website screen so that the User can pay by credit card, after which User will receive appropriate verification.

  9. The User will be notified of any need to make a payment by any necessary and sufficient method acceptable to the Company.

Information collection and use
  1. In some parts of the Website, the Company may ask for personal information from the User which will allow the User to perform certain actions.

  2. Personal information will be used in accordance with the Company's Privacy Policy and The Legislation of RA. Personal information is data relating to a specific person such as name, phone number, email or postal address, credit or debit card details and information about online activities.

  3. Links to third-party websites can be found on the Website. In case of access to third party websites, the User shall not be guided by the Terms of our Website. Therefore, we recommend examining the terms of use of those websites in those cases. The Company has no control and responsibility for the content and privacy policies contained therein.

Limitation of responsibility
  1. The User is entirely and/or solely responsible for all risks arising out of use of the Website Services.

  2. The Company will take reasonable measures to maintain the Website in full capacity.

  3. The Company will not be liable for the consequences of possible shortcomings in the Website.

  4. The Company does not assume any liability and does not bear responsibility for any Content posted on the Website by the User or a Third-Party and for the Services provided thereby.

  5. The Company does not endorse any liability for any loss, damage or loss of any property caused by any direct, indirect or consequential damages, loss of data, incomes or profits arising from any actions or failure by the Website to access the Website or the Affiliate Website and for complaints filed by third parties, so the User is personally responsible.

  6. The Company has the right to disassociate the User who violates the Terms of Use of the Website.

Targeted use
  1. It is prohibited to use on the Website illegally or compromising, offensive, indecent and threatening materials that we believe may cause inconvenience and discomfort to the Company or to other persons.

  2. It is prohibited to object directly or indirectly to the Website, its administration, authors, politicians, journalists, companions of material on the Website, other users on the ground of racial, religious, ethnic, sexual or other discrimination.

  3. It is prohibited to place curses, pornography, and erotic content, as well as drug addicts and comments on the Website.

  4. It is prohibited to place commercially-sensitive content and other notices not related to the content of the Website.

  5. The use of the Website by the User in no way shall result in the termination, damage, moderation or malfunction of any of the Company's Services.

Registration and security
  1. In order to use some of the Services, the User shall go through the registration process and provide the Company with complete and reliable information. The user may also be required to select a password.

  2. The User will be able to leave comments, give questions, use paid services, only in case of registration.

  3. The User is fully responsible for all activities carried out on his/her profile and is obliged to pay all costs incurred in his/her own account no matter that those costs were incurred by him/her or by any other authorized or unauthorized person, intentionally or unintentionally, or by the result of the virus, unauthorized access or security breach.

  4. Any material, information, and service on our website are not intended and applicable for children under the age of 13. If we find that a child under the age of 13 has provided us with personal information, we will remove that information. If you are a parent or guardian and you know that your child has provided us with personal information, please contact us so we can do the necessary actions.

  5. Users can request to the platform in order to remove saved personal data. To do that they have to send an email with the title 'Personal data removal request!' with a short optional description why the user came to that decision. Email should be sent to [email protected] mail address.

  1. The Company has the right to amend these Terms and any other policies applicable to the Website.

  2. The Company shall retain the right to change terms on the Website from time to time without any notification. Changes become valid on the present Website from the moment of installation.

  3. The User accepts and agrees that he/she is obliged to review the terms periodically to get acquainted with all amendments.

  4. In case of continuing the operation of this Website by the User it shall be deemed that these amendments have been adopted by the latter.

  1. Wylling is responsible for return shipping costs.

  2. Products will be shipped to the physical address or sent to the email address provided by the customer.

  3. Shipping method depends on purchase type. If the item is digital than it should be sent to the email address.

  4. After successful purchase customer will be redirected to the web page under Website's platform where the QR code and detailed information about particular purchase will be displayed.

  1. Website's customers can request the refund if their case meets with Website's refund requirements listed below.

  2. Customers are able to request a refund one week before the particular event's start date.

  3. The refund will be automatically processed if the event was canceled.

  4. Customers must provide the purchase number in order to process the refund. Purchase number is available in the invoice provided to the customer for each purchase and/or after successful purchase when redirecting to the Website's page.

Payment Methods
  1. Customers are able to pay via Credit/Debit Cards by using Ameria Bank's VPos terminal or via IDram's payment system.

Final provisions
  1. The administration of the Website is always ready to consider and accept the recommendations of each user on the Website related to the work of the Website. If you have questions about the Website, its materials, and information, you can contact us by writing to [email protected] email address.

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